Emirates Maxima

20W 40, SL/CF - ACEA : A3/B3, MB: 229.1, VW : 500/505, Porsche, and BMW

This is formulated for high speed, naturally aspirated Gasoline engines. It gives outstanding service off and on-highway, heavy and light duty vehicles. It has unique Hi Tec Bonding Technology which provides good protection against piston ring sticking, bearing corrosion, varnish accumulation, oil thickening and accelerated engine wear. It is the top of the line product for gasoline engines. The excellent additive package of detergent – dispersant, anti-wear and anti-oxidant provides long engine life under severe operating conditions.


  • Continuous Protection
  • Reduced Engine Wear
  • Longer Engine Life
  • Excellent engine protection.
  • High oxidation resistance & thermal stability.
  • Excellent engine cleanliness.
  • Superior viscosity retention.

Technology Support

  • Hi Tec Bonding Technology


210 L, 20L, 10 L , 7.5 L, 5 L , 1L.

Racing formula

Technical Data

Physical Characteristics Test Method Typical Values
Density @ 15 oC, Kg/L ASTM D-4052 0.881
K. Viscosity @ 100oC, cSt ASTM D-445 14.6
Viscosity Index ASTM D-2270 122
Flash Point, COC, oC ASTM D-92 228
Pour Point, oC ASTM D-97 -21
TBN mg KOH/g ASTM D-2896 8.6
Sulphated Ash,Wt % ASTM D - 874 1.1