Emirates Maxima

15W 40, CF 4 - ACEA E2-96, B4-98, B3-98, A3-98, MB 229.1

This is an advanced technology motor oil specially designed for use in both naturally aspirated or turbo charged trucks and diesel engines to give enhanced protection. It has excellent Hi Tec Bonding Technology which provides good protection against piston ring sticking, bearing corrosion, varnish accumulation, oil thickening and accelerated engine wear. It provides high performance under most severe operating conditions and at the same time gives extended drain intervals.


  • Continuous Protection
  • Reduced Engine Wear
  • Longer Engine Life
  • A multi fleet oil for both diesel and gasoline engines
  • Longer drain intervals, and fuel economy.
  • It can be used in modern and older engines

Technology Support

  • Hi Tec Bonding Technology


210 L, 20L, 10 L , 7.5 L, 5 L

Racing formula

Technical Data

Physical Characteristics Test Methoda Typical Valuesa
aDensity @ 15 oC, Kg/La ASTM D-4052a 0.877a
K. Viscosity @ 100oC, cSta ASTM D-445 14.13
Viscosity Index ASTM D-2270 130
Flash Point, COC, oC ASTM D-92 226
Pour Point, oC ASTM D-97 -30
TBN mg KOH/g ASTM D-2896 11.3
Sulphated Ash,Wt % ASTM D - 874 1.01